Ent_Fire Advanced Security System

A security system for Gmod that I put together, works entirely on ingame ent_fires. Filmed on location in the "Tubes of the Internets."
Original post on Facepunch:
The system currently features:
Transparent doors- these are my doors from v2 of E Fort.
Prison Transparent Doors- These are similiar to my v2 Prison door, they have two buttons now though, open and close
Vehicle and Backroom doors- these are similiar to my doors in v2 for the vehicle pathways, and the airboat launchs
Dynamic doors- I added this since alot of people still like their dynamic doors from any door mod.
Colored Walls- My seperate garages from v2 as well as a couple new colors added. Refer to e_forthelp.
Transparent escape doors- style that is seen in v2 computer area, escape, they are not secure based though.
Explosive Trap stuff- This is from my first E Fort, used in the second Version in the prison.
Lasers- Recent addition, you need vmf loader to use them, they are set up of fireuser, instead of +use
Turrets- Another recent addition, they are older than the lasers though.
Prision wall- From my original fort, the minge burner window, then adapted to become the prison view window.
MingeBurner- I have added my coding for the mingeburner.
Security Light- Some systems have their own versions, The system has it's own version as well, Blinks red and white, solid green.

E Fort Configurations Downloads-Rar - Rapidshare;5425573;;/fileinfo.html - FileFront

E Fort Configurations Downloads-Zip - Rapidshare;5425574;;/fileinfo.html - FileFront

To install drop the contents of the zip into your gmod9/ folder.
This line added to your autoexec, or userconfig, will start the E Fort Configuration everytime you start Garry's Mod.
exec e_fort/e_fort.cfg


MechWarrior4 - Mini Mech

Miniture mech, took about 14 hours.

Original post on Facepunch:


This version is walkable with no problems, it acts almost like a ragdoll.

It was built as small as I could possibly go, I have made a save of it, which can be downloaded here.

4 Left forward
6 Right forward
5 Fix legs
5 + 2 Hover and lift off depending on how you use, tap 5 while holding 2 down to Hover.
7 and 9 used to turn the upper torso, there's a rogue weld somewhere, I didn't realize it till too late so now, just use with 5 to keep legs from twisting up.

For it to work without many issues, nocollide all the joint areas, and there is a small sign under each foot use the color gun to expose it, and set it to ice on ice.

There was lasers on the mech but, for some reason or another the save didn't save them correctly, so you need to remove them without busting off the entire arm.

ent_fire l2 clearparent; ent_fire l1 clearparent; wait; wait; ent_fire l1 kill; ent_fire l2 kill

If you want lasers just stick your own on.

Also a copy gun break down of it's limbs fully welded can be downloaded here. In the right arm somehow there is a duplicate box in the top, I forget which one it was, and still can't figure out for the life of me how it got there. The feet pose a special problem, you will need to detach the rocks from the paint bucket and weld them to the base and to each other. You might want to slip a small flat object under it to make it stable.

There are some screenshots of it here.

And just a small clip of it moving about.

The E Fort Version 3

The E Fort V3, Large Fort built in Garry's Mod, over 1550 props. Filmed on location in the "Tubes of the Internets."

Original post on Facepunch:

While you're watching this, here is some basic info about this fort:
There are over 1550 props in this fort.
It took about 2 weeks to get completely in order.
The security system took about 60 hours of coding and modifing to get to where it is now.
There will be no save, GMod saves corrupts way before this amount of props, I have a vmf available for download.
This Fort was built in the FaceWAN private server, filming was also done there as well as some larger parts were done in SP.
The computer room was furbished by l337Espeon.

As with the last I also released a link to download the original video in it's original quality. - Rapidshare;5435699;;/fileinfo.html - FileFront - Ihud

Some of the random Buildings and stuff, the shooting range and the security cgs, I tried twice to make these buildings, .sav both times resulting in a bad string on load, causing it to fail. - Rapidshare;5432473;;/fileinfo.html - FileFront - Ihud

E Fort Full VMF Download- !!!DO NOT SPAWN THIS IN THE GAME, YOU WILL CRASH!!! This is for opening and viewing in Hammer. - Rapidshare;5420363;;/fileinfo.html - FileFront - Ihud


You need to have all of these model packs viewable in hammer.
Phoenix Mod 2.1, with patch 2.2
PC Tuning v5

I am not going to explain how to do this in a pm or anything so listen up here.

1. Get the model packs.
2. Make a backup of your Half-Life 2/hl2 folder.
3. Copy the models, and materials folders.
4. Paste the models, and materials folders into the your Half-Life 2/hl2 folder.
5. Open hammer and check, if this doesn't work don't complain to me about it.

E Fort Spawnable VMF Download !!!SPAWN A, then B, then C, and finally D.!!! If you don't have a superb machine, I would not suggest doing this. - Rapidshare;5420397;;/fileinfo.html - FileFront - Ihud


Unfortunately I was going to have spetsnaz do this area, I don't think that there will be any done, there simply is just too many props.

The E Fort Version 2

The second version of the E Fort made in Garry's MOD with lots of space complete with the usual (cars, planes, and the Minge Burner 5000!)

Original post on Facepunch:

I uploaded the video to youtube as well only to find that the sound effects that I had worked hours getting in place screwed up.

Just a note: All sounds that you hear were manually put in, not from the video recordings

Here's the save along with the configuration file to see how it was done.

Needed Mods:

Gmow v3
PcTuning v5
Phoenix Models 2.2


The E Fort Version 1

A Fort made in Garry's MOD with 5 floors complete with cars, a plane, and the Minge Burner 5000!

Original post on Facepunch:

Here are some snapshots to go with it.

I managed to get a SP save created, I included inside of the zip file a configuration file that you have to execute on load.

The following mods are required:
PcTuning V5
PhoeniX-Storms MODEL PACK #2
PhoeniX-Storms MODEL PACK 2.2 (Patch)

The save file download is in the link below.

I did not place the vehicles in the save for a couple reasons. Mainly because no collides are not saved as of yet and the fact that someone might want to do different vehicles.

I would suggest using the lift and drag lua script for any plane that you decide to make.

That's it for now.